Tai Software TMS Integration

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Axle's latest integration automates financial workflow and streamlines data entry for customers

Axle, a payments automation and financing platform for freight and logistics, today announced a new integration with Tai TMS, a transportation management system for full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. This integration allows freight brokers to get paid for their shipments and pay their carriers within 48 hours of delivery without any additional data entry.

“Our developer-friendly and open API makes it easy for our partners to embed Axle’s payments automation technology and financing services into their own software,” said Shawn Vo, co-founder and CTO of Axle. “Through our integration with Tai, we’ve created a seamless digital experience for freight brokers to manage the full lifecycle of their shipments, from quoting and dispatching through delivery and payment.”

Over the last decade, the freight and logistics industry has seen a proliferation in digital software tools. While these tools have increased efficiency, they have unfortunately created disparate data silos for freight brokers to maintain. Axle’s integrations are designed to reverse this negative trend by synchronizing data between systems to eliminate duplicate data entry, decrease processing times, and automate backoffice work. This allows freight brokers to focus on moving freight.

“Axle is offering a great financial services product to the freight industry,” said Sean McGillicuddy, VP of sales and marketing at Tai. “We have a number of customers using their services today and saying great things about them. It made sense to partner up and create an easy-to-use integration that makes the service accessible to our client base, through the TMS platform.”

Today’s announcement marks Axle’s 4th integration in the past year and follows the release of its new carrier payments solution, Axle Wallet. For more information about Axle and its integration with Tai, visit axlepayments.com

For more information on how to integrate your Tai Software TMS with Axle Pro, visit our helpdesk article

 If you’re interested in learning more about how Axle can help grow your credit and help build your business, we’d love to talk.

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