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Factoring Basics

When you factor the invoice, we reserve 10% of the invoice amount until the shipper pays. We pay your carriers first and then the remaining advance goes to you. When the shipper pays, we pay the remaining minus our fee.

Non-recourse factoring means the factoring company assumes most of the risk of non-payment by your customers. This can be misleading because non-recourse does not necessarily protect your company from all risk. There are usually strict stipulations associated with non-recourse factoring, and the situations in which you are not responsible for customer non-payment are extremely specific.

For example, most factoring companies offer non-recourse that only applies if a debtor declares bankruptcy. And they limit non-recourse agreements to debtors that have a good credit rating. This means the shippers with bad credit ratings (who are at the highest risk of non-payment) aren’t even eligible for the non-recourse program. A majority of non-recourse agreements have a much higher factoring rate (sometimes by a full percentage). It’s important to determine whether the higher rate is really worth the cost.

Axle is a factoring company with a strong credit team. We are here to help you avoid working with customers that have poor payment histories. The best option is to establish long lasting relationships with customers that have good credit and solid payment histories. This enables you to pay lower fees for recourse factoring without worrying about the risk.

Working with Axle

Absolutely! By factoring with Axle Payments you receive increased credit lines from other factoring companies which allows you to expand your carrier base. We are dedicated to paying carriers on time and fast, ensuring your credit score is perfect.

As long as you have a valid MC number and operating authority, we will work with you. No company is too large or small for us. We do not have any monthly minimum requirements.

No. Which loads you factor is up to you. Even if you don’t factor, we provide payment processing and collections.

We can approve shippers in 12 hours. After approval, new shippers will be sent a Notice of Assignment. We can send advances as soon as they acknowledge the assignment (Usually within 48 hours).


No, unlike most factoring companies, all you will pay with Axle is a single flat fee. We prefer to keep things simple and transparent.

If you factor an invoice, we will fund your carrier within 24-48 hours. You can charge whatever QuickPay fee you want to the carrier. We don’t charge anything to you.

If you are a well-established business with large monthly volumes and stable customers, speak to our sales team so we can design a program that works for you.

Payment Processing

Jobs submitted before 12pm (noon) Eastern Time will be scheduled for funding the next business day, provided there are no issues. Please see the table below for payment options and speed.

Same-day ACHFreeArrives by end of business day
Mailed ChecksFreePrinted and mailed by end of business day