AscendTMS Integration

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Axle Announces Integration With Ascend Transportation Management System

New York, NY – August 23, 2021 – Axle, an all-in-one financial services platform for the freight and logistics industry announced today an integration with AscendTMS, the world’s number one rated transportation management software (TMS). All new Axle customers will now receive a full premium subscription to Ascend TMS at no cost, for a full year. Axle Pro customers can integrate the TMS into their Axle dashboard for a streamlined workflow. 

Shawn Vo, Axle’s CTO and founder, said; “Axle was built to fully digitize a freight broker’s entire funding and payment process, with a 90% plus reduction in labor hours or staff spent in that function. This partnership with AscendTMS gives any broker the number one rated digital TMS software for free, and gives Axle customers a competitive advantage.”

“AscendTMS software runs the entire business operations of any carrier, freight broker or shipper, and so Axle’s customers can now directly access Axle’s full suite of funding and payment services from within the AscendTMS software itself. Our goal is to provide a real digital advantage to AscendTMS users with this Axle integration, which makes running any brokerage business easier and much more profitable. This joint Axle and AscendTMS offering provides a solution for companies that wish to lower costs, increase profits and to find better freight – and to do it all electronically,” said Tim Higham, president of AscendTMS. “During our soft launch of the Axle and AscendTMS, 84 freight brokers took up the free TMS and digital funding offering”

Axle also offers a Quickbooks integration.  While the TMS and Quickbooks integrations can work separately, using them together allows Axle to seamlessly collect on a client’s invoices, pay their carriers, provide working capital, and reconcile their books all without data entry. 

Axle has plans for freight brokerages of any size.  Startup and growing brokerages find value in the Axle Basic plan, which includes a number of features including invoice factoring, Carrier QuickPay, credit checking, automated Invoicing. managed collections and credit building.  Larger brokerages, including those that don’t need factoring enjoy all the features in the basic plan along with TMS & Quickbooks integrations, custom reporting and unlimited non-factored jobs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Axle can help grow your credit and help build your business, we’d love to talk.