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Our mission is to provide small brokers and their carriers with efficient and honest working capital to sustain the global logistics industry.

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The trucking industry is changing. Today's brokers are faced with increased competition from huge incumbents and tech giants. We know what starting a business is like. You want to focus on your core services while getting everything else done as effectively as possible.

That's why we built Axle. With years of experience in transportation, finance, and technology, we realized that there is enormous potential for a new service. One that combines technology with finance to not only streamline AR/AP operations but also increase working capital for both brokers and carriers.

Today's factoring companies have inefficient operations. Because of that, they are expensive and inflexible for carriers. Brokers are in a unique position change this. Partnering with Axle isn't just about providing QuickPay as a lower cost. It's about liberating your carriers from unfair contracts, protecting their freedom of choice, and building a better future for trucking.

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